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Author作者 谭晴
Language语言 英文
Detailed Subjects主题 传记
Format版式 平装本
First Edition Time版次 2023年10月 第1版
List Price定价 CNY ¥59.00  US$8.58
ISBN书号 978-1-956511-57-4
Publisher出版 环球文化出版社

Book Description

    This book continues to affirm the Law of Attraction as introduced inTidying up with Love' and offers practical examples from the author's ownlife experiences.Dividedinto five chapters - Encounter, Long-Distance.Hunan Affairs, Homecoming, and Settling Down - the author narratesher journey with her British boyfriend from their first meeting to theirmarriage amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The book urges readers tofind hope in life, even amid challenging circumstances, and to overcomepersonal and psychological obstacles using the Law of Attraction. Bydiscovering their true selves, finding hope in life, and discovering waysto harmoniously coexist with society, readers can achieve their goals anddreams with a positive and proactive attitude."

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