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Author作者 谢金淩
Language语言 中文
Detailed Subjects主题 诗词
Format版式 平装本
First Edition Time版次 2022年11月 第1版
List Price定价 US$20.10
ISBN书号 978-1-956511-24-6
Publisher出版 环球文化出版社

作者简介About the Author   

  Xie Jinling, loves poetry, can host, likes reading, is good at

  writing, can play and often exercise. a happy little boy.

He is a contestant of Chinese Poetry Conference on CCTV,

the champion ofI love ancient poetry, a commentator of webcast

program “Watching Cultural Relics Along the Canal”, and

a reciter of Yangtze River poetry on cloud.

  In 2020, at the age often, his first collection of worksWhite

Deer and Green Cliff” was published. After that, as a primary

school student, he continuously published two books

“Sand-gull between the Earth and the Sky” and

“A Crane in the Clear Sky”. And many works were published

in the media.

  Obsessed with traditional Chinese culture, he started a program

of poetry interpretation to promote traditional Chinese poems,

updating everyday for 365 days and writing a traditional poem

everyday for a whole year.

  His stories were widely reported by JSBC, CCTV, Xinhua Daily,

People’s Daily and other provincial and national media, as well

as network media such as Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Baidu World Wide

Web etc.

书籍简介Book Description     

  Exploring the seclusion oftraditional culture

  Interpretation ofthe beauty ofChinese Poetry

  Appreciation ofmore than 300 famous poems

  More than 300 personal understandings

  A 10-year-old poetic journey ofpupil

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