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《Research on the Mechanism of Improving the Employability and Entrepreneurial Ability of···》

《Research on the Mechanism of Improving the Employability and Entrepreneurial Ability of···》

Author作者 梁成艾
Language语言 英文
Detailed Subjects主题 社会科学
Format版式 平装本
First Edition Time版次 2022年6月 第1版
List Price定价 US$22.00
ISBN书号 978-1-956511-09-3
Publisher出版 环球文化出版社
Translated译者 罗雪

译者简介About the Translator

Xue Luo, a lecturer in College of International Studies and Education, Tongren University, has obtained the Master-degree in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, in School of Foreign Languages, Guizhou University, and is now pursuing the Doctoral Degree in English Language Studies, in the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand. Her research interests include English translation and discourse analysis.

书籍简介Book Description       

This book focuses on the survival and development of rural residents in Wuling mountainous area, which has gotten appraisal opinions from experts of National Social Science Fund Project.

This research result is characterized by "special research content, particular investigation data and problematic case analysis"

—The joint appraisal opinion of Experts 1, 4 and 5.

"The research result has obvious regional characteristics, which enriches the material content of human resources development research"

—Appraisal opinion of Expert 2.

This research result "has formed some features of human resources study in Wuling mountainous area, and at the same time has the feature of ethnic theory research, which has certain academic value"

—Appraisal opinion of Expert 3.

“The research result has the characteristics of great research difficulty, many references, combination of theory and practice, many research contents, meticulous discussion, open thinking and so on”

—Appraisal opinion of Expert 4.

"This research result has important guidance, reference value and demonstration significance for local government departments to issue relevant policies for improving the employability and entrepreneurial ability of rural labor force, and has good application value"

—The joint appraisal opinion of Experts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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