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《Research on the economic development of northeast Guizhou in Qing Dynasty (1644-1840)》

《Research on the economic development of northeast Guizhou in Qing Dynasty (1644-1840)》

Author作者 黎帅
Language语言 英文
Detailed Subjects主题 经济学
Format版式 平装本
First Edition Time版次 2022年6月 第1版
List Price定价 CNY ¥95.00  US$15.00
ISBN书号 978-1-956511-05-5
Publisher出版 环球文化出版社
Translated译者 陈美茜

译者简介About the Translator


ChenMeiqian, female, born in August 1986, associate professor, graduated from theUniversity of Leeds, UK with a master degree. She is currently a teacher atthe   College of International Studies andEducation in Tongren University. She mainly engaged in the teaching andresearch of English translation and English speech courses. She has publishedmore than ten papers in journals such as "Journal of GuiyangUniversity" and "Overseas English", published two monographs,and participated in editing two textbooks.

书籍简介Book Description   

       本书以" 清代黔东北经济开发研究 1644—1840 ) " 为题, 侧重研究清代黔东北地区的物资生产及交换, 并将区域经济发展与中原地区的市场网络加以结合, 梳理出了内地边远地区的经济发展模式, 进而展现出了由中央到地方纵向的经济推动策略、由中心市场到边缘集镇的市场贸易规则以及行政设置完善度、社会发展程度、区域人口结构等与经济发展的横向互动进程。基于此研究目的, 本书对清代黔东北地区经济发展所带来的历史影响进行了较为细致的总结, 展现出了历史时期内地边缘地区经济发展的经验及其教训, 对当前西南民族地区的经济社会发展具有重要的借鉴意义。

With the title of "Research on the EconomicDevelopment of Northeast Guizhou in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1840)", thisbook focuses on the study of material production and exchange in NortheastGuizhou in the Qing Dynasty. This paper analyzes the economic development modelof the remote areas of the inland, and then shows the vertical economicpromotion strategy from the central to the local, the market trade rules fromthe central market to the peripheral market towns, the perfection of administrativesettings, the degree of social development, the regional population structure,etc. and economic development. horizontal interaction process. Based on thisresearch purpose, this book makes a detailed summary of the historical impactbrought about by the economic development of the northeastern Guizhou region inthe Qing Dynasty, showing the experience and lessons of the economicdevelopment of the inland fringe areas in the historical period, and thecurrent situation of the southwestern ethnic areas. It also has importantreference significance to economic and social development in this area.

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