Books are the ladder of human progress
出版范围 Scope

We continuously strive to broaden our publishing catalog.

We generally approach each author with an open mind and a desire to produce the best books possible.

We now mainly publish manuscripts in English,Chinese.

We are looking for manuscripts in the following areas:





文学 Literature

小说 Fiction

艺术 Arts

传记 Biography

语言 Language

漫画 Comics

哲学 Philosophy

历史 History

生活百科 Lifestyle

社会科学 Social Sciences

心理励志 Psychology and Inspiration

科学与技术 Science and Technology

医药卫生 Medicine and Hygiene

商业与管理 Business and Management

地理与旅游 Geography and Travel

儿童及青少年读物 Books for Children and Youth

字典及参考书 Dictionaries and Reference Books

其他 Others

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