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Global Culture Press Inc. International bilingual press, focusing on publishing culture, art, science, education, health, economics, management, philosophy, various academic monographs and other books reflecting in English and Chinese on a wide range of subjects from natural and social sciences. 环球文化出版社 国际双语出版社,专注于出版文化、艺术、科学、教育、卫生、经济、管理、哲学等各类图书及各种学术专著和其他以英文和中文反映自然科学和社会科学广泛主题的书籍。 Self-publishing 自助出版 We are promoting self-publishing services to provide authors with ISBN application and registration. Authors can design and print books by themselves. We allow you to print as many or as few copies of your books as you'd like. 我们正在推广自助出版服务,为作者提供ISBN的申请和注册, 作者可以自行设计印刷, 并且不限制印刷数量。 我社可出版下列媒介和形式的出版物。 We can publish the following mediums and formats of publications. 出版媒介Medium            出版形式 Format (1)印刷品Print             精装Hardback                                       平装Paperback (2)电子书E-Book         数字在线Digital online                                       电子书文本Electronic book text (3)音频Audio              CD光盘 CD-Audio                                       DVD光盘 DVD Audio                                       可下载音频文件 Downloadable audio file
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